Techne Conflux series

A series of research events and collaboration between researchers at University of Roehampton and Royal Holloway, University of London

Queer Feminist Currents is a Technē Conflux series of events and a two year collaboration amongst researchers at University of Roehampton and Royal Holloway, University of London. It seeks to provide a framework for the interrogation of key points of convergence and tension in contemporary queer, intersectional feminist and gender studies, decolonial critique, as well as theory and practice as interrelated.

Click the event icons below for details – including archived event recordings and reading lists.

Event One

‘Queer Futurity’ study day with invited speaker Jack Halberstam, 17 February 2021. Click on the icon to access archived programme, recordings, and a reading list.

Event Two

‘Feminismos Antipatriarcales and Poetic Disobedience’ with invited guests Lukas Avendaño, Bertha Diaz, Paola Marugan and Dandara Suburbana, 9 & 10 June 2021. Click the icon for recordings and documentation.

Event Three

‘Afriquia: Activist Politics and Performance’ with Lynette Goddard, Mojisola Adebayo, Topher Campbell, and zethu Matebeni, 9 December 2021. Click the icon for recordings and documentation.

Future Events

The series will continue from January 2021 to January 2023.

Click the event icons above for event records, documentation, and reading lists.

The series launch was on 17 February 2021, a study day on Queer Futuritywith invited speaker Jack Halberstam (Columbia University), organised by Giulia Casalini, Sarah Gorman, Eleanor Roberts (University of Roehampton) and Amy Tooth Murphy (Royal Holloway).

The second eventFeminismos Antipatriarcales and Poetic Disobediencetook place on 9 and 10 June 2021. It was organised by Giulia Palladini, Giulia Casalini, Helena Botto and Cristina Fernandes Rosa (University of Roehampton, UK) in conversation with Paola Marugan (UAM-X, Mexico), Bertha Diaz (Ecuador), Carolina Rocha/Dandara Suburbana (Brasil), with invited guest Lukas Avendaño (Mexico), and translation by Calu.

The third event ‘Afriquia: Activist Politics and Performancetook place on 9 December 2021. The organisation was led by Lynette Goddard (Royal Holloway, University of London), with Giulia Casalini, Eleanor Roberts, Cristina Rosa, and PA Skantze (University of Roehampton). The invited guests were afro-queer artist Topher Campbell, Black British theatre-maker Mojisola Adebayo, and distinguished scholar of gender and sexuality zethu Matebeni.

Each event in the Queer Feminist Currents series is focused in part on the reading of key contemporary queer feminist texts and collective discussion between participants. Events are open to anybody and everybody; however, they are aimed primarily at PhD students studying in Technē affiliated universities.

The next events will take place across 2022.


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Get in Touch

If you have further enquiries please contact the organisers at eleanor.roberts [at]

This event is funded by Technē (UKRI) and supported by the Research Centre for Performance & Creative Exchange, and the Research Group in Sex, Gender & Sexuality at University of Roehampton. 

More information about the Technē Confluxes can be found here

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